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Blogs and wikis are the most common Web 2.0 text tools.


Blogs can be individual or group sites. Whether one or the other, they are interactive sites because the reader can interact through the "comments" feature with the owner, producer, publisher... of the blog.


Wikis are basically collaborative sites in which the content is created by two or more persons, one at a time. However, they can also be created by one person to be used as a simple and user-friendly website, such as the one I created for this presentation.


BLOGS (curricular and extracurricular)

Fun English for Kids (1. ciclo) - Susana Araújo

Have Fun with English! 3 (2. ciclo) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça

CALL Lessons 2007-2009 (2. ciclo) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça

Teenage Life (3. ciclo/8. ano) - Etelvira Figueiredo


Blog hosts  








6th Grade (remedial work)


For a university course

Tecnologia Informática III (Dafne Gonzalez) (Wikispaces)

English Advertising (Aiden Yeh)


BaW09 (online teacher training)


To plan and organize a conference

WiAOC2009 (Webheads in Action; several people collaborating)

You're all cordially invited to attend or give a presentation!


Wiki hosts





Is there a volunteer to create a pbwiki/pbworks for your class?

  • click here
  • choose the "Basic" plan (it's free)
  • choose a name (at least 4 letters)
  • give your email address (that you can check in a while)
  • complete the form and wait for the confirmation email


Or is there a volunteer to create a wikispaces? It's a piece of cake.




P.S. - We lacked the time to do create either a blog or a wiki. 

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