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There are numerous voice tools to choose from, some to be downloaded to your computer and others to be used online. I'll mention a few simple ones I've used successfully.


For voice mail and recording offline

Handybits (download)

Audacity (download)



For recording online (need to register)

My Voicemail (not free) (click here for an example)

Vaestro (click here for an example)

Voicethread (click here for an example)

Voxopop (click here for an example)



Is there a volunteer to record with Audacity and upload the recording to my Posterous (a site for uploading different types of files)? 



These tools show you that students can work online in the blended classroom and see their work on the Internet before they leave the room.



P.S. - Cristina Bento volunteered to record a short message with Audacity and in a couple minutes we checked and it was in My Posterous" (link above). It was a hit with the audience!

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